The Brown Skin Co. is a skin care brand I created out of my love of self-care, which sometimes simply means bubble baths and face scrubs! I am happy to have a skincare routine that I can be proud of and I wanted to share my glow with the world!
The Brown Skin Co. caters to men, women, and teens of diverse skin tones with a focus on healthy, even and glowing skin for all! Products are non-toxic, cruelty free and prepared with essential natural and safe ingredients.
Some of my products are homemade while the rest are formulated in a US based lab with my personal formulations. You can even shop some of the professional grade skin care products I use in the treatment room!
At The Brown Skin Co. I also seek to educate on the importance of protecting your skin by giving it the tender, love and care it deserves. Be sure to read the blog post and follow on social media to stay informed. Your skin has protected you your whole life, it's time you kept that same energy.
Happy Shopping!